Here is a list of the most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS regarding the schooling process in Spain.

How do I register my children in a school in Spain?

First, the enrollment period will depend on the school, although it is usually during the month of March. Expatriate parents should allow time to register their child in a Spanish public school, as the process can usually be large. You will need to be registered on the padrón (local census) at your local city hall before you can register your child at a public school.

Check this post to know further about the school registration process.

What is the cost of the schooling fees?

The schooling fees will depend on the kind of school you choose. There are 3 kind of schools in Spain:

  • Public: free (you just pay learning materials and other basic fees)
  • Concertado: private schools but subsidied by the Spanish Government
  • Private: you need to pay schooling fees to get your children registered

Therefore, according to the previous criterion, fees are:

  • Public: 0€
  • Concertado: around 500€ per year
  • Private: from 400€ /month (basic private school) to 1100€/month (The British Schol of Barcelona)

Please, NOTE: regardless of the kind of school you choose, there are basic expenses you have to deal with (other school fees, textbooks, transport, meals, etc.) totalling an average of 1200€ per year.

Do my children must speak Spanish?

It depends on the school. Your child can be registered in a foreign school (English, Finnish, French, Swedish...).

However, for the rest of schools, it is recommended to speak Spanish.

Where can I find the most suitable school for my children?

Our website is focused on providing an useful tool to find the best schools in Spain.

Please click here in order to find the most suitable school for your children.

Are there any kind of grant, scholarship or loan programme?

Yes, there are. For example:

  • Kindergarten check
  • Grant for school transportation aid
  • Scholarships of material
  • Scholarships of dining room

What is the minimum school age in Spain?

In Spain you can  find several schools providing a Preschool level.

Preschool in Spain starts on 2-3 years old.

Can my children start the school in the middle of the season?

Yes, they can. However, it is not advisable at all.

If you want to change your kids' school instead, you need to get an authorization from the Spanish Government.

Can I choose my kids' school?

Yes, you can. According to the Spanish Constitution, article 27 parents or guardians of the students can choose an educational center.

However, school registration in Spain is based on a scoring system according to the following criteria:

  1. Having brothers at the same school (up to 16 points)
  2. Proximity of your location (up to 8 points)
  3. Family incomes (up to 2 points)
  4. Student or student-parents' dishabilities (up to 2 points)

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